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Move abroad to the country you desire.

Croats are jubilant of their internationally recognised sovereign country and excited for others to accept them and learn of Croatian history and culture. Honour is an important aspect in Croatian culture and is closely linked with the values of family. There is plenty to love in culture, however, especially  if you’re into red and white checkerboards. 


Additionally it allows more than 400 million people to travel freely between member countries without going through border controls.

Pula Amphitheater Croatia

Reason to  migrate Croatia?

Croatia is a young country, having won independence from the former Yugoslavia in 1991. It is a country of rich diversity with its marvellous Adriatic coastline, rich mountain forests and Mediterranean weather. Croatia is becoming an increasingly popular destination for expats, most of whom settle down in Zagreb, the capital city. Dubrovnik too is a popular city for expats. Rijeka  is another beautiful croatian port city on kvarner bay in  northern Adriatic sea. As Croatia’s tourism industry grows, a number of expats are moving to Croatia to start their own businesses. While living in Croatia, expats will be treated to a variety of leisure activities, ranging from mountain biking to diving. Croatia also has many World Heritage Sites and expats will find a number of museums and art galleries to visit.

Croatia’s economic growth has been slow and the country’s architecture is not up to scratch yet. But the government is favourable towards business and has thus been able to attract foreign investments. Property prices in Croatia are affordable and there is a choice of many peaceful locations and deserted islands, making it an perfect retirement spot. 

Health benefits

It provides basic mandatory health benefits to all employees funded through social security contributions by employees at a rate of 16.5% of employee gross salary which covers accident insurance as well as unemployment.

Pension benefits

Pension benefits are broadly divided into three pillars. The first two pillars covers the mandatory pension by employees at a rate of 20% of their gross income . 

The third pillar is funded through employee’s social security contributions

Public transport

Public transport allowance will be included in most agreements and even if they do not most companies would provide it tax free

Supplementary pension

Supplementary pension is categorised into three types which includes the following:

  • Generational solidarity system

  • Compulsory individual pension insurance which is a part of social security contributions paid by employees

  • Voluntary pension insurance where some employees choose to offer their employees

Supplementary health insurance

Some companies will give private health insurance with dental and vision coverage as employment benefit. 


Company provides cash bonuses as incentives for employees mostly based on performance.

Yearly hike

Yearly hike is common for companies to provide employees with yearly raise based on service.

Flexible working hours

More companies give employees flexible working hours and option to work from home two or five times a week.


  • Gym membership

  • Yoga 

  • Meditation classes

Stock options

Although it is uncommon some tech start-ups provide stock options as part of their benefits to attract employees

Training and education

Several companies make professional training available to employees  from tech meetings and conferences to online subscriptions and books.


  • Work permit

  • Business visa

  • Visitor tourist visa


  • Croatia officially the republic of Croatia located in south central Europe and Mediterranean region. It borders Slovenia and Hungary to the north-west, Serbia to the east , Bosnia, Herzegovina and Montenegro to the south east and Italy to the west and south-west. Its capital and main city is Zagreb.

  • Immigration to Croatia is rapidly increasing over years and people moving to Croatia from other member states requires work permit which is usually National Visa D Type.

  • Many companies in Croatia are affiliated with us and we categorise the jobs into three types mainly skilled, semi-skilled unskilled and seasonal jobs.



  • Businessmen is always determined to promote their business and make onset into international market for greater profitability, increased financial returns and challenging business environment and approaches. The idea to invest abroad is to tap the potential international market and to establish business in a country that has systematic workforce and is also economically stable

  • Businessmen who desire to invest abroad require all the necessary information about visa requirements and select a visa that would permit them to conduct business in a foreign country.

  • Our quality service provides a comprehensive and detailed documentation assistance for your  successful business immigration. 

  • The Croatia business visa is a short-stay visa, allowing the holder to travel for business-related purposes for up to 90 days. It does not allow you to work.


  • If you are planning to visit Croatia for your holidays, you need to apply for a visitor visa before you land. If you wish to have the experience to value for a lifetime, make sure you have followed all the rules and have everything sorted and fixed before you leave.

  • Before travelling to Croatia, just make sure that your passport is credible and valid for a maximum duration of 90 days within a 180 day period. Croatia short stay visas are offered for single , double or multiple entries which indicates the number of times you can enter, leave and re-enter Croatia.

Semi Skilled Jobs


  • Civil engineer

  • Electrical engineer

  • Welder

  • Electrician

  • Auto mechanic

  • CNC operators and programmers

  • Heavy driver

  • Taxi driver

  • Construction workers

  • Hotel management

  • Plumber

  • Steel fixer

  • Forklift operator

  • Maintenance technicians



  • Factory workers

  • Hospitality workers

  • General workers

  • Bartender. 

  • Truck driver

  • Taxi driver


  • Agriculture jobs

  • Summer camps

  • Language schools

  • Holiday resorts


  • Packers

  • Food delivery

  • Road workers

  • Cleaners

  • Construction helper

  • Stone worker


  • You must be aged  between 22 to 50 years at the time of application

  • Educational certificates 

  • Technical certificates related to the specified job

Requirements for Croatia tourist visa:

Letter of Guarantee (if you are visiting friends/family in Croatia).

  • The letter must be certified by a Public Notary in Croatia. Your host also has to enclose proof of funds (pay slips, pension, savings) via bank statements from the past three months. They must also include a copy of their Croatian passport or residence permit, whichever is applicable.

  • If you are traveling simply for tourism purposes, the Letter of Guarantee is not required.

    Proof of employment status.

  • If employed: Letter from your employer stating your position in the company, your salary, and the intended time you will be absent from work.
    If self-employed: Company’s registration papers and a visa request letter which is written on a paper with the company’s official letterhead.
    For students: Proof of enrolment in an educational institution.

    For minors:

  • Birth certificate

  • A letter of consent from the parent/s or legal guardian/s allowing the minor to travel

  • Copies of the parent/s’ or legal guardian/s’ passports

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